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December 3 - 6, 2018
AT&T Executive Education & Conference Center, Austin, TX

Manik Patil

Global Senior Director


Although the BFSI (banking, financial services & insurance) industries have been the leading early adopters of RPA due to their need to increase transactional productivity, transparency, and accuracy, the industry has nevertheless experience a few glitches along the way with respect to RPA and OCR integration.  However, fear not, as it is indeed possible to have an RPA program work in harmony with your internal or external OCR systems!

In the session, our panelist will reveal:
  • Tools, systems, and methods they’ve found to be the most effective with RPA and OCR integration

3:50 PM CASE STUDY: Fund & Sustain Your IA Innovation Using TBM

While companies plow ahead in IA, they may ultimately have less to show for their investments. Pioneers prioritize their revenue-generating IA programs over cost-saving ones. Learn on Technology Business Management (TBM) techniques to have a value-discussion over cost-discussion along with cost transparency. Learn special tactics such as Core-Satellite portfolio management. 

In this session, the below will be discussed:
  • How a Technology Business Management framework can assist with C-suite buy-in? 
  • How to prioritize your IA program goals and which path to choose, a Run the Business (RtB) vs the Grow the Business (GtB)
  • Why C-suite's leadership is essential for success of IA in your organization 
  • How to sustain success and which functional areas have the greatest success in leading IA progress and how to govern value
  • Methods to blitz-scale your IA program and why technology shouldn’t be the key focus of your IA transformation effort
  • 'Retirement Plans' for your bots

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Manik.

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