December 3 - 6, 2018
AT&T Executive Education & Conference Center, Austin, TX

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IA December 2017 Attendee Profile Report

Practitioners in various stages of IA implementation were asked about the challenges they are faced with and how they are planning to improve or upgrade their technology in the next 12 months.

Dear Boss Letter: Accelerate Your Attendance to IA Week Austin!

Justify your attendance to Intelligent Automation Week with our customizable Dear Boss Letter! State your case on why Intelligent Automation Week Austin is a can't-miss experience that will provide you and your team's skills. At IA Week Austin, you can educate yourself on everything you need to k ...

AI 2020: The Global State of Intelligent Enterprise

The AiiA Network worked with 400+ IA professionals to determine what the future looks like for AI. Access this 27 page report to gain insights on the findings that came from this in depth research. Email to receive a copy via email.

IA Week Austin Current Attendee Snapshot

Review the Intelligent Automation Week Current Attendee Snapshot for a sneak peak at the job titles and companies you'll get to mingle with in Austin this December! From IT Architect to Shared Services Director, IA Week Austin offers workshops, content, and more for professionals of all industrie ...

The "Practical Futurist" Michael Rogers on Intelligent Automation Myths & the Future of AI

Ahead of the 2018 Intelligent Automation Week taking place December 3 - 6, 2018 in Austin, TX, we sat down with keynote speaker 

Interviews & Other Videos

Exclusive Interview with Manulife on Intelligent Automation

Hear from Jasmine Tehara, Vice President of Business Optimization of the Investment Division at Manulife, to hear about their Intelligent Automation strategy, lessons learned, and what's next for IA technology at Manulife. Want the video sent straight to your inbox? Email for your copy. 

Securing Intelligent Automation in the Age of Cyber Warfare: 5 Things You Need to Know

Though intelligent automation, artificial intelligence and RPA tools are significantly more secure than humans, they are not without their cyber security risks. Not only is the cost of cyber crime is expected to rise to $2.1 trillion by the year 2019, but, as intelligent automation tools of "work on" sensitive...

Interview with RPA CoE Change Management Leader at Prudential

Exclusive on-site Interview with Adrienne Peseller, Change Management Leader, RPA CoE at Prudential.

Interview with Kevin Kroen, Partner at PwC

Exclusive on-site interview with Kevin Kroen, Partner at PwC.

#RPAgoals with Eli Lilly's Director of Automation COE, Finance Shared Service Center

At the Intelligent Automation Chicago that took place this past July, we sat down with Matt Gustitus, the Director - Automation COE, Finance Shared Service Center at Eli Lilly and Company, to discuss how his company is embracing RPA, where his company is on their intelligent automation (IA) journey, their...

Interactive Reports

Interactive Report: Intelligent Automation Universe – 2017 Market Update

The Intelligent Automation Universe (IAU) contains real-time data on global IA landscape. This report provides a Q1 market update from the IAU on the global IA customer adoption footprint.Key Findings:Only 23% of recorded IA implementations happen within a Shared Service CentreTop 3 industries implementing IA are Banking Financial Services &...

Embracing Intelligent Automation: The EY Global Story

Just over a year ago, EY took the first steps in our intelligent automation journey, with three proof of concepts, and today we have over 500 internal processes automated that help improve customer experience, quality of services and efficiency. The initiative was sponsored by EY Global leadership, and led to...

Intelligent Automation Adoption in US Business Services 2017

This report provides a snapshot of Intelligent Automation (IA) adoption based on 214 recorded cases of IA pilots and implementations in the United States as listed in the Intelligent Automation Universe (IAU). The IAU is an interactive data tool developed by SSON Analytics which contains real-time data on the global...

2018 Presentations

Earn Big Gains By Starting Off Small With a RPA Pilot Program

Presentation by Greg Meinhardt, Director of Finance Operations, CH Robinson and Ritesh Jain, Associate Vice President & Head of Automation, HCL Business Services, HCL Business Services.By starting small with a RPA pilot program, monitoring your successes and failures along your journey, you’re able to take the lessons learned and move...

Modernize Your Phone System with Intelligent Automation

Presentation by Jamel Jones, Director, IVR Operations, Comcast Cable.After dialing a company’s 1-800 number, customers are typically met with an automated phone (IVR) system they despise. Common customer complaints are “it doesn’t understand me”, “it can’t help me with my problem” or “I just want to speak to a real...

Desktop Automation – Your Employees’ Personal Assistant and Best Friend

Presentation by Joseph Magliacano, Robotic Process Automation Analyst, AsurionAsurion is a long time user of the NICE process automation and desktop guidance solutions. Their center of excellence supports their business units with new and valuable automation solutions on a daily basis. Check out this presentation to understand why every organization...

Intelligent Automation Marketing Strategies Show & Tell

Karlee Moore, Global OCM Lead - Financial Services, Eli Lilly and Company created this presentation to provide an overview of a few IA marketing strategies that have been utilized by a variety of organizations to “sell” Intelligent Automation internally, showing: 1) what can be done, 2) what has worked well,...

Is RPA Right For You?: Determining If Intelligent Automation Is Right For Your Business Operations

Presentation by Jasmine Tehara, VP, Business Optimization, Investment Division, Manulife.Covers the necessary steps to properly evaluate if it’s the right time for your business operations to move forward with intelligent automation, based upon scope, budget, stakeholder and staff buying, regulations’ standards, process transactions’ volumes, etc. Provides the best timelines for...

When to Kill a Bot & Why Would You?

Presentation by Josh Remacle, Digital Workforce Leader, Koch Business Solutions.Imagine this scenario. One day after many successes in your IA journey something goes wrong either on an infrastructure-level or your stakeholders decide to either nix or expand your IA programs, leaving you with a kill or not to kill bot...

Unlocking the True Value of Automation

Presentation by:Chris Gilmore, PMP, Application Technology Leader, AetnaAtul Soneja, Head of Business Development, EdgeVerveAutomation journey starts with deterministic automation, focuses on saving time and effort by utilizing robots to automate repetitive and rule-based business processes. As the starting point in the automation continuum, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) capabilities identify inefficiencies...

Big Trouble in Little Processes: Strategies for Automation in Less Standardized and Lower Volume Processes

Presentation by: Max Cheprasov, Chief Automation Officer, Dentsu Aegis Network, USATed Shelton, Chief Customer Officer, Catalytic, Inc.The easy case for automation is when your process is highly standardized and has a high volume of transactions (and people) involved. But what do you do when a process has not been standardized,...

IA Whitepapers, Articles & Reports

Embracing Intelligent Automation

It's time to take a step towards smarter operations. It is high time to begin your automation journey and the first step is RPA. Learn more about the steps to take along the way, how other companies are implementing it themselves, and key enablers that will guide you towards success....

The Path to IA: Managing the Shift from Intelligent Automation to Artificial Intelligence

How prevalent is your transition from intelligent automation to artificial intelligence? Explore this report with research, state of the market, and state of investment data that will guide you along the path of an effective transition from IA to AI in efforts to keep your enterprise at the top of...

Chatbots - Drive Greater customer engagement and employee productivity

Learn more about the artificial intelligence advances that are aiding in the increase of automated voice technologies to leverage employee - client engagement. To receive a copy, email 

An Enterprise Guide to Ensuring IoT Security

With growth in IoT devices means growth in IoT threats. Review this article to learn more about the steps you can take to safeguard your IoT security. To receive a copy, email 

Manulife on Intelligent Automation Implementation

Access our interview with Jasmine Tehara of Manulife to find out more about their intelligent automation journey. For a copy send straight to your inbox, email

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